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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I improve my fluency?
    The best advice is to practice often, try to find 10 to 30 mins per day to practice! Check out Mr Charles' blog post with lots of ideas.
  • How much can I improve in a year?
    This is totally up to you! It depends on two factors: 1. The variety of your English usage and practice; and 2. The total time you spend using English - aim for 20 hours a week, this could be speaking reading, writing, watching TV and movies.
  • What level of English is needed to join The Learning Club?
    The Learning Club is to take average English speakers who still have rooms for improvement - A2/B1/B2 level - and bring them to an advanced level!
  • What topics and skills will be covered in the course?
    The club will cover vocabulary, phrasing, and grammar that is used in the professional world if you have a job or are an entrepreneur, it’s ideal for you!
  • How long is the course and what is the course schedule?
    The course is ongoing, there are new topics every week! We have weekly video classes that you can watch at your own convenience. Live seminar will take place a few times per week to accommodate members in different time zone (each subscription plan includes one live seminar per week in which you can ask Mr Charles questions). If you miss the seminar, do not worry. You can always watch the recordings at the member zone.
  • What is the cost of the course and are there any discounts or payment plans available?
    The fees start at $2 per week and payment is monthly. You can cancel any time.
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