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Class 1: The Perfect Introduction

Updated: May 14, 2023

Introducing yourself in a professional setting can be scary. It could be a job interview, a networking event, or meeting a new client. In this lesson I will tell you some different scenarios that you can find yourself in and give lots of sentences, phrases, and vocabulary to use.

Lesson Content

  1. 3 Key Things To Know

  2. Different scenarios with follow up questions

  3. Vocabulary

  4. Vocab quiz

  5. Grammar quiz - Making plans

Open up each section of the class!

3 Key Things To Know

A Short Self-Introduction A good way to introduce yourself is to start with a “personal branding statement.” This is a short, concise sentence that sums up who you are, who you help and what you have to offer. For example, “I’m Charles, I’m an English teacher with a passion for helping professionals improve their communication skills.” This tells people who you are and can kick-start a conversation! For a job I’m ___, I’m a ___. I love to ___ / I’m passionate about ___ . For an entrepreneur, you can talk about who you help I’m ___ , I help ___ to ___. I help them by providing ___. Open Ended Questions After you’ve introduced yourself and learnt about the other person, ask open-ended questions. This shows that you’re interested in the other person and gives them an opportunity to talk about themselves and their work. This can also help identify common interests that you could collaborate on. Open Ended Question Examples What do you enjoy most about your job/industry? How did you first get interested in this field/industry? Share A Relevant Story Another approach is to share a relevant story or experience that highlights your skills and qualifications. For example, if you’re a trainer, you might talk about a particularly challenging client you worked with and how you helped them to reach their goals. This can demonstrate your experience and expertise and can make you more relatable and human.

2. Scenarios

3. Vocabulary

4. Vocabulary quiz

5. Grammar quiz

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