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English For Business Presentations

Here are the best vocabulary and phrases that will elevate your business presentations!

Presentations often make people nervous. But there are great opportunities to advance your career or business prospects.In this post, i'll tell you all of. I'll tell you lots of vocabulary phrases and strategies that you can use to ace your next presentation.


  1. What is a business presentation?

  2. What are the different types of business presentations?

  3. Key business presentation tips

  4. Business presentation vocabulary

  5. Business presentation phrases

  6. Conclusion

1. What is a business presentation?

A business presentation is simply when one person or group gives information to a larger group of people. This could be a small group, round a table, or it could be a large group in an auditorium or a conference room. They tend to be in a “lecture” format, that is, the presenter does most of the speaking to a group who are listening, although they can have Q&A sections in them and the audience can often ask.

2. What are the different types of business presentations?

There are many types and formats of presentations. Here are the main ones

  • Informative presentations are to share specific information with your audience. Topics could include research information or information about a historical event.

  • Persuasive presentations are to convince your audience to agree with your point of view. Topics could include a new product, a new way of doing things, a political theory.

  • Sales presentations are for selling a product or service to your audience. This could be other businesses, or it could be consumers who might buy the product.

  • Training presentations are to teach your audience a new skill or knowledge. This could be a new software or a new sales strategy, or how to complete a specific task.

  • Investor presentations are designed to persuade investors to invest in your business.

  • Status update presentations are to keep the audience formed of the progress of a project.

Many presentations will be a mix of Two or more of these types of presentations. For example, if you have a startup selling an exciting product. Your sales presentation shows how excellent your product is and why it's perfect for your audience to buy. May also serve as an investor presentation, because an investor may be so impressed by the product that they wish to invest in the company.

3. Key business presentation tips

  • Be prepared. This seems obvious, but it’s crucial. It really shows when someone has prepared and practiced a presentation. They look more natural, confident, and relaxed and give a better presentation.

  • Practice your presentation. Get your phone and record yourself. Then watch and think about how you can improve. Try this 3 or 4 times and you will improve immeasurably. This is the key strategy that has helped me most with presentations.

  • Speak clearly and confidently. Don’t rush! Take time to breathe, pronounce clearly. Slowing down will help you appear confident and it will allow your audience to take in the points you are making.

  • Use visual aids effectively. Visual aids can help to make your presentation more interesting and engaging. However, don’t go crazy!

  • Answer questions clearly and concisely. Be prepared for questions from your audience and be sure to answer them clearly and concisely.

4. Key vocabulary and phrases

Here are 10 words that you can put in your presentations. I’ve given example sentences as a guide, you can amend them in any way you like.

  • Streamline - to optimize or make more efficient

"Our goal is to streamline the customer onboarding process."

  • Pivotal - a crucial or essential thing.

"The success of this marketing campaign is pivotal to our company's growth."

  • Synergy - the combined effect of two or more elements working together.

"By combining our expertise and resources, we can achieve greater synergy and deliver exceptional results."

  • Disseminate - to spread or distribute information widely

"We will disseminate the updated guidelines to all departments."

  • Leverage - to use something to maximum advantage

"We plan to leverage our partnerships to expand our market reach."

  • Robust - strong and resilient; able to withstand challenges

"Our robust cybersecurity measures ensure the protection of sensitive data."

  • Sustain - to maintain or support over time

"We need to sustain our current performance."

  • Benchmark - a standard or level for comparison

"We will compare our performance against industry benchmarks to gauge our success."

  • Proactive - taking initiative and anticipating future needs or problems

"Taking a proactive approach, we have identified potential risks."

  • Consensus - general agreement among a group

"After extensive discussions, we reached a consensus on the new project timeline."

5. 10 original business presentation phrases


  1. "Today, I reveal my insights on an industry poised for … ."

  2. "Allow me to captivate your attention by unveiling a … ."

  3. "I would like to begin this presentation by painting a vivid picture of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead."


  1. "As we delve deeper, it becomes evident that … ."

  2. "In light of … , our value proposition positions us as leaders in this market."

  3. "Our research illuminates a compelling narrative, showcasing the untapped potential in … ."


  1. "In conclusion, I invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey as we … ."

  2. "As we wrap up, remember that success lies not only in envisioning the future but also in … ."

  3. "As we bid farewell, let the spirit of innovation guide us as we … ."

6. Conclusion

You should always view a presentation as an opportunity. An opportunity for personal and professional growth. The main goal is to transfer the ideas you have into the minds you your audience. so don't only focus on the most challenging vocabulary and phrasing. The English ideas in this post are meant to be sprinkled around your presentation, so that you can add emphasis and clarity to certain points.

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